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        鋁的自然屬性,鋁是一種輕金屬,其化合物在自然界中分布極廣,地殼中鋁的資源約為400~500 億噸,僅次于氧和硅,具第三位。在金屬品種中,僅次于鋼鐵,為第二大類金屬。鋁具有特殊的化學、物理特性,不僅重量輕,質地堅,而且具有良好的延展性、導電性、導熱性、耐熱性和耐核輻射性,是國民經濟發展的重要基礎原材料。
        Aluminum is a natural property. Aluminum is a light metal. Its compounds are widely distributed in nature. The resources of aluminum in the earth's crust are about 400~500 billion tons, second only to oxygen and silicon, with third. Among the metal varieties, steel is only second kinds of metals. Aluminum has special chemical and physical properties. It is not only light weight, strong texture, but also has good ductility, conductivity, heat conductivity, heat resistance and radiation resistance. It is an important basic material for the development of national economy.
        鋁的比重為2.7,密度為2.72g/cm3,約為一般金屬的1/3。工業純鋁的力學性能除了與純度有關外,還與材料的加工狀態有關。由于鋁的塑性很好,具有延展性,便于各種冷、熱壓力加工,它既可以制成厚度僅為0.006 毫米的鋁箔,也可以冷撥成極細的絲。通過添加其它元素還可以將鋁制成合金使它硬化,強度甚至可以超過結構鋼,但仍保持著質輕的優點。
        The specific gravity of aluminum is 2.7, and its density is 2.72g/cm3, which is about 1/3 of common metals. The mechanical properties of industrial pure aluminum are not only related to purity, but also to the processing state of materials. Due to the good plasticity and ductility of aluminum, it is easy to process all kinds of cold and hot pressure. It can be made of aluminum foil with a thickness of only 0.006 millimeters, and it can also be cooled to very fine wire. By adding other elements, aluminum can also be made of alloy to harden it, and its strength can even exceed that of structural steel, but it still maintains the advantage of light weight.

        The production of aluminum ingot is made up of bauxite mining, alumina production, aluminum electrolysis and other production links.
        There are mainly three types of bauxite producing alumina: gibbsite, diaspore and diaspore. Of the proven bauxite global reserves, 92% is the weathered red clay bauxite, which belongs to the trihydrate type. The bauxite is characterized by low silicon, high iron and high aluminum silicon ratio, concentrated in western Africa, Oceania and central and South America. The other 8% are sedimentary bauxite, which belong to a kind of diaspore and diaspore, with medium and low grade. It is mainly distributed in Greece, former Yugoslavia and Hungary. Because of the different characteristics of the three bauxite, various alumina production enterprises have adopted different production processes in production. At present, there are three kinds of Bayer process, alkali lime sintering method and Bayer sintering method. Usually bauxite ore is produced by Bayer process, and middle and low grade bauxite is produced by combined or sintering method. Bayer process has become the most important method of alumina production because of its simple process and low energy consumption, which accounts for about 95% of the total amount of alumina production in the world.
        鋁電解生產可分為側插陽極棒自焙槽、上插陽極棒自焙槽和預焙陽極槽三大類。自焙槽生產電解鋁技術有裝備簡單、建設周期短、投資少的特點,但煙氣無法處理,污染環境嚴重,機械化困難,勞動強度大,不易大型化,單槽產量低,等一些不易克服的缺點,是正在被淘汰的生產工藝。而目前世界上大部分國家及生產企業都在使用大型預焙槽,槽的電流強度達到了350KA 以上,不僅自動化程度高,能耗低,單槽產量高,而且滿足了環保法規的要求。
        The production of aluminum electrolysis can be divided into three categories: the self inserted anode slot, the self inserted anode slot and the prebaked anode slot. The production of electrolytic aluminum by self baking tank has the characteristics of simple equipment, short construction period and less investment, but the flue gas can not be treated, the pollution of the environment is serious, the mechanization is difficult, the labor intensity is large, the production is not easy to be large, the production of single slot is low, and the production process is being eliminated. At present, most of the countries and production enterprises in the world are using large precalcined tanks. The current intensity of the grooves is above 350KA, which not only has high automation, low energy consumption and high output of single slot, but also meets the requirements of environmental protection regulations.
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